Vman 21 Party feat. Kanye West & Keri Hilson
Perhaps it was the Kanye West and Keri Hilson appearance or the thousands of dollar bills raining from the ceiling, either way the Vman 21 party was a night to remember. After meeting Kanye, I can state with confidence that he is a very nice and cool guy. The media needs to stop portraying him as the villain. I enjoyed conversating with various guests through out the party, especialy one very cool freelance photographer. The atmosphere of the celebration was truly heightened when the beautiful miss Keri Hilson entered the building to join Kanye in the VIP area. The party was obviously VERY exclusive, yet I was still able to get my small posse into the gathering through connections. The event was held at the Mondrian Hotel in Soho and lasted until the wee hours of the morning. I managed to keep my dance moves energized most of the time. What a night to remember!

Ford Smith-Male Model at Ford Modeling Agency in New York
"My name is Ford Smith and I model for Ford Modeling agency in New York. I currently live, work and play in Manhattan. My portfolio is included in my website and contact form on the home page. Thank you for checking me out!
2/21/2011 15:24:47

Ford I do believe you have great things that will happen for you! Keep doing it, giving up is easy.

4/12/2016 03:41:28

Hey guys! I'd like to attend such an event - have you managed to keep your dance moves energized most of the time? That's perfect! Sounds great, what else I can say?


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