Runaway Short Film-5/5*'s
I believe openings for diverse interpretation translate to attributes of greatness. This short film promoting Kanye West's new album, My Dark Twisted Fantasy,  meets that exact criteria. It was only fitting to have a small film to go along with what some music critics claim to be a "perfect" album. Containing 13 tracks of poetic and rythmic masterpieces, Kanye West decided to take a very original approach to such an album and tell the story through visual stimulation. The short film reveals that of a beautiful bird who has flown in from another planet in a heap of destruction while Kanye is driving in the woods. He takes her under his wing (NPI), and falls in love with her. She is immersed in a world of glamor and perfection. Kanye's character does everything in his "power" to provide an ideal life, yet the world's judgment drives her to a breaking point to fly away.
    There has already been much criticism for such an out-of-the-box approach, this pertains to people's lack of ability to see genius. The way the songs are sequenced with the video, it is obvious Kanye knew exactly what he wanted the outlook to be in relativity to each song. It is a wonderful piece of artwork that deserves the recognition it has obtained. Hopefully people can look beyond his past mistakes and allegations because he is a true visionary who has used negative aspects of life to provide the world with a sterling translation of the human psyche. 

Ford Smith-Male Model at Ford Modeling Agency in New York
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