P90X: A fitness video offering far beyond a simple workout routine
Ranging from influence on the average Joe to some of the top fitness experts in the country, P90x has definitely marked its territory in the land of video workout routines. More and more people are catching on to this new trend headed by fitness guru Tony Horton. Short and simple, Tony's subtle yet polished humor and non-technical ways of explaining each workout make this one of the best ways to begin your pursuit of the perfect beach body. There is no comparison. One could not take a better path in the pursuit of home fitness, or any fitness for that matter! Forget an overpriced personal trainer which requires a trip to the gym, P90x has all you need. Plain and simple. 

Ford Smith-Male Model at Ford Modeling Agency in New York
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Linda Hughes
10/2/2010 00:53:07

I'm glad I found your blog. I'm brand new with Team Beachbody and I'm looking to network with as many coaches as possible.

I found this site from my upline coach at http://MyRecruitingSystem.com guy who runs that site recruited over 100 coaches his first month. Him and his wife took the top spot with the chairmans challenge that Beachbody was putting on and Carl is flying to their home to interview them.

He is allowing a few people outside of his team to use his system and it is awesome. I got the system and ad co-op and recruited 3 new coaches my first week. I also recruited my sister but I don't think she is going to do much.

Talk with everyone later

♥ Linda in Cali ♥

10/17/2010 19:26:41

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9/24/2012 18:11:53

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