Gavin Degraw: There Are Those Who Play The Music, And Those Who Are The Music
Last night I went to a very elaborate restaurant which featured a large stage for various bands to be hired for play each night. As I stood enthralled with the current musicians rocking out to Pink Floyd sipping who were casually on their Blue Ribbon beer, I noticed a young man behind me getting considerable attention from the crowd, especially the ladies. At first I thought to myself "that man has serious game, good for him". Yet eventually he started going up to the stage like he owned the joint. He started giving high fives to the band leader and bobbing his head up and down. I turned to the security guard named Clarence who I was hanging with and said "Who the heck does this guy think he is?" Clarence replies, " You know who that is don't you?" "No". I reply. "That's Gavin Degraw." He said. Immediately me eyes are thrown back onto the stage. Sitting in a complete trace I watched a man chanting various songs which I had never heard before, regardless, it was the most beautiful music I've ever heard anyone sing. This man was not just a singer, he was the music. He was the drums. He was the piano. And he WAS the center of my attention. His passion was displayed in such a way that left me no doubt about not only his absolute love for his music, but undeniable talent only a fool of a record company would ever refuse. Who does this guy think he is? My opinion now is one who is able to have a passion and live it every day, and also who shows there passion as clear as day for the world to enjoy and give others the motivation to write about such occurrences. Not to mention he was a cool, down to earth guy I enjoyed being around. 

Ford Smith-Male Model at Ford Modeling Agency in New York
"My name is Ford Smith and I model for Ford Modeling agency in New York. I currently live, work and play in Manhattan. My portfolio is included in my website and contact form on the home page. Thank you for checking me out!" 

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