$5 for a Band Aid Pack
Economy Low: Prices at their Peak
 Now at $13.50 a pack, cigarettes make their way into the destruction of not only people's lungs, but their bank accounts. I almost feel sorry for these locomotives. Band Aid bandages are over $5 per small pack so dollar slice pizza places are looking much more attractive. Some people say surviving the jungle is hard, try it during a recession. My advice to brokers is invest in the "roll it yourself" tobacco products. 
    Besides the cancer- causing side of the price peak, vast amounts of native New Yorkers are taking the smart approach and retreating to the outskirts- leaving 1\750th of the world's warriors to survive the heart of the city. I have figured out that the method of transporting non-perishables from Kentucky has kept me alive so far. Add this with the ability to cope with the galaxy-sized egos of the fresh batch of Ivy League bankers at the local gym and I feel like I can conquer anything! God Bless.

Ford Smith-Male Model at Ford Modeling Agency in New York
"My name is Ford Smith and I model for Ford Modeling agency in New York. I currently live, work and play in Manhattan. My portfolio is included in my website and contact form on the home page. Thank you for checking me out!"

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