The Black Swan Review 
One is only limited to their own mental barriers. Yet to get past those mental barriers one must embody their chosen endeavor with FULL dedication. Life is full of opportunities to be seized, yet to obtain the prize there are almost always great sacrifices. Black Swan reveals this ideal with amazing clarity and detail for audiences.  
   Nina Sayers(Natalie Portman) plays the role of a young woman with serious mental boundaries in her ability to become a woman of the world, pertaining to the Black Swan. She is competing with another young woman named Lily(Mila Kunis), who she believes is attempting to steal her role by whatever means possible. Her whole life Nina had been cast as the "nice girl" in reality and on stage. Lily, who is a natural at capturing the Black Swan's sensual essence is her "friend" yet opposing force. For once she found herself with the biggest opposing forces of her life- letting go of her innocence and loving mother's grasp and giving into worldly desires. Hallucinations due to surmounting stress begin which are so intense they begin to change her perception of herself and those around her. This translates to the intense outcome of the ending product of the movie. The film is a very thought-provoking thriller that left me impressed and always guessing. This along with True Grit, possibly more so, could go down as a classic. 

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