Limitless Review ~Limitless stars Bradley Cooper(Eddie Morra) and Robert Deniro(Carl Van Loon)
Thankfully this wasn't another over-budgeted flick that managed to put every meaningful scene in the previews before one ever went to see it. Over all the concept and plot of this "mind enhancing" drug was sound. Considerably strong casting and zero wasted time through out the movie made me feel at ease about one of my favorite actors taking the lead role in this 27 million dollar budget flick. I must give props to the writers, the concept of a simple pill that can bring vast amounts of wealth and power is sure to draw in numerous viewers regardless of the finished product.
  An interesting point is that of the extensive research with the mind applied to the making of this film. Rooted within the script are very interesting interpretations of how a person would operate on 100% brain capacity in day to day life. The makers also took an edgy approach in starting with basic ideas of human memory interception; eventually revealing Eddie's advanced procedure of practically cracking the code of mergers and acquisition! Not bad for less than a week. 
  Converge a super-hip approach to revealing the blueprint of the human brain along with a solid cast of characters and you have Limitless. Unfortunately, the ending left the producers looking like the type of people promoting drugs use. The message- if you have the unlimited supply then the effects of the drug will continue and no bad effects will occur. I do not believe this was a positive message to send to the public. They could have taken a much more creative approach with a possible sequence of him eventually leaving it alone in some form or fashion. ~7.5/10

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